Kanye’s Unreleased Track ‘Ass Shots’ With French Montana And Cam’ron Oddly Surfaces

Kanye West is a much noted studio rat/workaholic, as shown by reports that he still wanted to create music even while sequestered in the hospital from exhaustion. Therefore, there will be tons and tons of unreleased songs, like the newly unearthed “Ass Shots,” available in the wild, unauthorized but still to be consumed by music fans.

The track, featuring French Montana and Cam’ron, started making the rounds Monday morning and sent people wondering if it were new material — a timely J. Cole rebuttal perhaps? “Ass Shots” is only “new” in that it has never appeared on a project by any of the three artists. Actually, the song’s one French teased out around two years ago via his Instagram account. The tune’s working title gives away its vapid content: it’s an ode to those women with a “build-a-body,” which is completely ironic given model types both Kanye and French have been associated with. Each of the MCs uses Auto-Tune on their vocals and the production aims for a big vibe but ends up completely lagging. This is no “Gone” or even “Figure It Out” by any means.

Kanye’s back at home now so, if we’re patient, he’s bound to release new music soon enough. It’s probably for the best that this one ended up on the cutting room floor instead of a retail project or added in during one of the many revisions ‘Ye did on Pablo. The song’s worth about one listen, just so you can say you’ve heard it before, but that’s about it.