It Looks Like Kanye West Might Want To Collaborate With Bob Dylan After Asking To ‘Get Together’

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Over the course of creating the multitude of songs that he has, Kanye West has found himself collaborating with a bunch of different people. Most recently, he appeared on XXXTentacion’s posthumous track “One Minute,” Now it looks like he wants to broaden his horizons by meeting up with a legend: Bob Dylan. While Kanye didn’t specifically say that he wants to make music with Dylan, he did tweet today, “Calling out to Bob Dylan. Let’s get together.” Based on that tweet, it doesn’t feel outlandish to believe that Kanye has interest in working with the music icon.

While this doesn’t appear to be extremely likely, there are actually a few reasons why this isn’t the most farfetched idea in the world (although it’s still pretty farfetched). The two have been compared to each other on multiple occasions (including by legendary producer David Foster), as the two artists are both known for their subversive natures. Kanye also has a short history working with legends from Dylan’s era, as he collaborated with Paul McCartney (and Rihanna) on the single “FourFiveSeconds.” Dylan even has a connection to the hip-hop world, as he appeared on Kurtis Blow’s 1986 track “Street Rock.”

Still, it seems like the closest thing to a collaboration that’s likely to result from this is that Kanye and Dylan meet up and have a conversation, if even that. It doesn’t hurt to dream, though.