Watch As Kanye West Crashes A$AP Rocky’s Set At Coachella

Kanye West has been rather unpredictable in 2016. He changed the title of his album about six dozen times before finally settling on The Life Of Pablo, then he released it exclusively on Tidal, claimed he would never release another album on CD, then eventually released it on Spotify, and that’s before we even get into all the crazy tweets he’s sent out. The only thing predictable about Kanye is unpredictability. So, when he crashed A$AP Rocky’s set at Coachella on Friday night, it was surprising, but you know, now that surprising.

In the middle of A$AP Rocky’s set, Yeezy crashed the stage, and briefly began performing the Pablo track “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.” This cameo did not last particularly long, however, as Kanye’s mic was cut off fairly quickly into the performance. It’s worth noting, in the video, A$AP is jumping around the stage, rapping along with Kanye, and he would appear to have to no discernible to him briefly taking the spotlight (hey, it’s Yeezy, it’s what he does). So, one would assume that people behind the scenes were the ones who decided to put the kibosh on Kanye even if A$AP was totally down for it.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has crashed the stage at Coachella, as he also made cameos at performances by The Weeknd and Stromae at last year’s festival.

(Via Mashable)