Kanye West Reunites With Dame Dash To Produce An Action Movie With Cam’ron And Stacey Dash

Get ready. Dame Dash is apparently returning to the movies on February 14th with Honor Up, the spiritual successor to his ‘hood classics, State Property and Paid In Full. Last night Dash posted a photo to his Instagram of himself and the film’s executive producer, Kanye West, explaining that the film is finished and that West apparently loved the final cut.

The Dame Dash-directed film has been through a few title changes and production delays since it was originally announced over two years ago. Originally titled Too Honorable and slated for a May 2015 release, it apparently sat on the shelf for one reason or another until recently. Now, with the help of the new producer, it appears Dash has secured a 2018 release date, and at the very least, the film has the Kanye seal of approval. “Just showed my brother and executive producer the final version of #honorup,” Dame wrote, “Wanted his honest opinion cause he’s snotty like me ..and he loved it #staytuned @damondashstudios #honorup in theaters… February ?by #wifeyforlifey @raquelmhorn #investinwomen.”

However, it also appears that all the sailing isn’t particularly smooth. Stacey Dash, who is now known more for her political commentary on Fox News than her rap music video appearances (although in my heart, she’ll be Dion from Clueless forever), is upset at the film’s release and according to BET, is filing a lawsuit to block the use of her image and name. You’ll notice both are prominently displayed on the poster for Honor Up, which was filmed before she started earning her checks as a shill for the President’s favorite cable news network.

She wrote a tweet recently distancing herself from the film, possibly concerned that it would hurt her standing in the conservative circles that barely want her around in the first place (she was fired from Fox News just after November’s election). “I’m sorry that my cousin Damon Dash is using our family relationship to advertise his movie,” she said, “I have no written contract with him or Kanye West’s company (who I have had no dealings with at all). No one is authorized to use my name or photograph for Honor Up.”

So far, little other information is available on Honor Up‘s plot or cast, except that it’s written by Stuart Archer, who edited 5 episodes of Z Nation, and James DuBose, who only has the one credit to his name on IMBb.