Kanye West Deactivated His Twitter And Instagram Accounts Again

Will Heath for NBC

Anyone searching for what the second worst Twitter user is saying online is in for a rude awakening: As of Saturday night, Kanye West appears to have deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, as noticed Pitchfork.

Perhaps you didn’t notice the dearth of West tweets — which have usually been about the sitting president lo the last several months — because you unfollowed him long ago. The rapper was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, which he concluded with an off-the-air political rant in support of Donald Trump. His statement incurred boos from the audience and Keenan Thompson later spoke about what it was like to witness it live.

Also inspiring outrage were West’s tweets the next day. He posted a picture of him with his custom MAGA hat and said the government should abolish the 13th amendment. West later said he misspoke, that he didn’t mean slavery should be made un-illegal, and that he intended it as a critique of still ongoing institutional racism. He was simply using the wrong words, ones that mean not what he meant.

He also abruptly postponed his next album, Yandhi, which had been set to go live after SNL, and which he’ll now complete during a trip to Africa.

In other words, West ruffled a lot of feathers, even for him. Cut to this week, and he’s largely absent from social media, just as he was before he signed back on in April. Before that, he’d wisely deactivated his account again.

Of course, West can still do damage — even while trying to do good — without social media at his fingers. Presumably he’ll remain an outspoken Trump supporter, and he’s apparently trying to arrange a meeting between the 45th president and Colin Kaepernick, which ought to go swimmingly if it ever actually happens.

(Via Pitchfork)