Kanye West Claims He’s In Some Extreme Debt, But Is It The Truth?

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Runway
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Kanye West is still tweeting and knows all eyes are on him, which is likely why he dropped this piece of news onto his timeline last night before heading to the stage on SNL:

$53 million is a lot of debt to have personally. The crushing weight of our own obligations to creditors is bad enough, so can you imagine $53 million worth of obligations just sitting right on your chest. It’s going to suck hard. Consequence of Sound has a little speculation behind this mystery:

Presumambly [sic] a majority of that debt has been accrued via his various fashion endeavors. APC founder Jean Touitou confirmed as much in a 2014 interview, at the time saying Kanye was $30 million in the hole from his line of women’s clothes.

But not so fast! Kanye has been tweeting a lot and apparently just tweeted this bit of junk recently:

First off, investing a billion dollars in someone is insanity. Second, this more than takes care of his little debt and allows him to continue creating fine fashion for all to have in the near future — like $100 Yeezys instead of the kind you have to sell a child to own.

The problem is that all of this could be false. I certainly don’t believe it right now as someone looking in from the outside, fogging up the windows of his house. If I see West stuffing newspaper into his jacket, then sure, I’ll buy that he’s going mad with all of his debt. But he just put out his album, had a massive fashion show, and seems to be one of the most talked about people in the world at the moment.

Just saying, if the guy is in debt, then he’s the dumbest person I’ve ever known in my life.

(Via Kanye West / Consequence Of Sound)