Kanye West Is Reportedly Going Full Trump By Signing His Merch With The President’s Name

Getty Image

Now that Kanye West is back on Twitter and enthusiastic about it, we have access to an unfiltered feed to his raw thoughts, whenever he feels like sharing them. So far, this has resulted in sneak peeks at new clothing and shoes, thoughts about philosophy and human nature, and more recently, some conservative-leaning viewpoints. He had praise for Candace Owens, tweeting of the conservative commentator, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” and following that up with, “only free thinkers.”

Now it seems like Kanye might be throwing his full weight behind Donald Trump: He told Ebro that he loves the president, and it appears that he’s even signing his merch “TRUMP.” White Trash Tyler, Kanye’s personal videographer, shared an image on his Instagram story of Saint Pablo Tour merch with “TRUMP” written on it, with the caption, “Signed tonight by Kanye.”

Kanye previously showed support for Trump when the two met up in 2016 at Trump Tower in New York City, and although he later rescinded his backing of Trump by deleting some tweets, it appears he’s back in the president’s camp. This could prove to be divisive for Kanye fans, most of whom probably aren’t fervent Trump supporters, so it remains to be seen how the world will react to Kanye’s latest unexpected way of thinking.