Kanye West Surprised His Fans With An Emotional New Track On Easter

03.27.16 2 years ago
Kanye West

Getty Image

After coming back from the dead earlier today, Kanye West has blessed us all with a new song. The two-minute, spiritually-themed “Ultralight Prayer” appeared on Kanye’s Soundcloud page. It’s a spoken-word track, low on rapping, but high on emotion. It’s closest companion in the Kanye catalog would probably be “Who Will Survive In America.”

Kanye giving his fans a free new song was a bit of a surprise considering recent developments. His most recent album, The Life Of Pablo, is still trapped behind the Tidal paywall (note: if you signed up for a free trial in mid-February just to listen to it, you probably should have canceled that by now), so a new track free of charge is certainly an encouraging development, even if it’s only two minutes long, and doesn’t feature any actual rapping.

It’s also worth noting that Kanye has recently stated that he will no longer be releasing albums on CD. We don’t know he exact ramifications of this – will he still release albums on vinyl? Will he still make albums at all? But it is quite possible that randomly dropping new music bombs on us could be a regular part of his marketing plan. In the meantime, Happy Yeaster, everyone!

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