Watch This Guitar Hero Shred Along To Kanye West’s Entire Discography

09.11.15 3 years ago

Kanye West has quite an extensive discography. Over six and a half hours’ worth, to be more precise. How do we know that? Because one man has played guitar along to Kanye’s entire discography, and he’s posted the video online. Yes, you can now spend six hours and 40 minutes watching a young man playing guitar along to Yeezy songs.

The video takes you from the opening skit on The College Dropout up to the very end of Yeezus. It covers a great deal of different music types, and serves as a reminder of West’s musical acumen. It’s also the rare opportunity to see somebody take on a project as ambitious as playing the guitar for over six hours more or less straight. As Jacob Brody, the guy behind the video, points out, the camera only allowed him to record 15-25 minutes at a time, so at that point he’d have to switch over. He also switched guitar occasionally because of the different tuning in Kanye’s songs, including some changes mid-song.

While he may not be a guitar virtuoso, this video is still impressive, even if only for the scope of it all. Plus, you get to hear a bunch of Kanye West music, which isn’t a bad thing.

(Via Reverb)

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