Kanye West’s Latest Object Of Inspiration Is IKEA

kanye west
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Kanye West’s creative process is a fickle thing, easily derailed by a cool pair of pants, but when he’s on, we get something like “Ultra Light Beam.” So, connoisseurs of cheap furniture should take note, it looks like Yeezy might bring that level of quality to IKEA.

In a series of “stream of consciousness” tweets, Kanye revealed that he just might have a design featured in next year’s Bookbook.

Fan reaction to Yeezy-designed IKEA furniture was mixed. On one hand, we had people who believed in Kanye’s ability to make something great out of particle board.

Others saw it as an opportunity to take shots at Ye’s fashion line and his use of Twitter.

Clearly some people aren’t feeling the ###hashtag all positive vibes. Kanye refused to be deterred, however. He laid down the posi vibes in a series of tweets that sounded like a locker room speech for an arts academy.

Kanye’s been busy on Twitter lately. If you believe the conspiracy theories, he’s been tweeting too much for one account to handle. But he’s used his own account to call out the time of death for CDs as a format and to bash some DJ named Dead-mow-5.

(Via Mashable)