Kanye West Misses Another ‘Jesus Is King’ Release Deadline And Explains Why The Album Is Late Again

Last night, Kanye West shared an image of the Jesus Is King tracklist and declared the album would be released at midnight. Fans knew better than to get their hopes up, though, as the album was supposed to be released a month ago. By midnight last night (in all US time zones), Jesus Is King was not available on streaming services or anywhere else.

This isn’t Kanye’s first missed deadline with this album, but he was more transparent this time around, explaining exactly why Jesus Is King is late. A few hours after Kanye’s first tweet, when midnight had come and gone without the album having been released, he offered a specific explanation about why Jesus Is King wasn’t out yet, saying that he was still putting the final touches on three songs: “To my fans, Thank you for being loyal & patient. We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need’ ‘Follow God’ & ‘Water.’ We not going to sleep until this album is out!”

Before Jesus Is King is even out, Kanye announced another album, telling Zane Lowe in an interview published yesterday that a Sunday Service album called Jesus Is Born will be out on Christmas.

Check out the Jesus Is King tracklist below.

1. “Every Hour
2. “Selah”
3. “Follow God”
4. “Closed On Sunday”
5. “On God”
6. “Everything We Need”
7. “Water”
8. “God Is”
9. “Hands On”
10. “Use The Gospel”
11. “Jesus Is Lord”