Kanye West Reportedly Wants To Team Up With Joel Osteen For More Big Shows, Including One In Chicago

In May next year, Kanye West is set to join pastor Joel Osteen for his America’s Night Of Hope event at Yankee Stadium. Now it appears that this may not be the end of them working together, as Osteen himself noted.

The pastor spoke with TMZ, and when asked if they have any more events lined up together, he said, “I’d love to do more. He wants to do more so we’ll see. We’re talking about some other events too, so we’ll see what happens.” When pressed about where they’re planning to go next, Osteen said, “We’re thinking about doing Chicago. We’ll see. Some things have to fall together, but it looks like it may.”

He also spoke about his impressions of Kanye, saying, “He’s a smart guy and he’s got a great sense of what people want. He’s fun to be around, and he loves the Lord, loves God, and I love the message that he’s spreading.”

Osteen was also asked if he feels like Kanye is genuine in his faith, and he responded, “I feel like he’s definitely genuine. He seems like it to me. Only God knows a person’s heart. I’m for giving people the benefit of the doubt, and he seems like it to me. Every time I’m around him, he’s a great guy. Sincere, he loves to help people now and lift people’s spirits, so that’s a great thing.”

Another great thing is all the reactions people online had to Kanye going entirely silver for his Mary opera.