Kenny G Confirms That He And Kanye West Are ‘Collaborating On Some Things’

Kanye West gave a special Valentines Day surprise to Kim Kardashian earlier this year, when he invited Kenny G to play saxophone in his living room, surrounded by a room full of roses. It was surely a special moment for Kardashian, and it looks like it may have actually led to a new collaborator for Kanye.

In a new interview, Kenny G says that after that day, he and Kanye actually spent some time in the studio together: “[West] reached out to me and wanted me to come and do that. I didn’t know him real well, but I was obviously flattered. He could not have been more welcoming. Since then we’ve actually been in the studio working on some music together. I can’t really say much else because he doesn’t really want anyone to talk about music before he releases it. Just suffice to say that we’re collaborating on some things, and nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

Kenny G previously brought up the possibility of collaborating with West, telling Rolling Stone shortly after playing Kanye’s living room, “Well, when he walked in, I was playing my sax, so I figured I would just play to him. So I started playing some really sweet blues riffs and soulful riffs and a couple of jazz riffs, and I could see he thought it was really good. I said something like, ‘This kind of sound would be really great with some of your music.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, maybe we can go to the studio and check it out.'”

The world doesn’t have to wait long to find out if Kenny G appears on Kanye’s next album, as it is set to be released on September 27.