Kanye West’s Mother’s Day Gift To Kim Kardashian Was Ridiculously Lavish As Expected

The Kardashians take great pleasure in flaunting their wealth, which is why people shouldn’t have been surprised to see Kanye West enter the family a few years ago. His own cash outpourings recently led him to claim he was in serious debt. This led to several Twitter meltdowns, one of which featured Yeezus begging Mark Zuckerberg to float him several million dollars. Then Pizza Hut offered West a job, fans set up a GoFundMe, and the entire affair turned into a cybermess. It’s understood that Kim Kardashian filled the couple’s bank account, and all is now well with West’s wallet.

So, Kanye continues to live large, which includes his Mother’s Day gift to Kim. The two lovebirds are parents to North West and Saint, and Yeezus couldn’t resist spoiling the hell out of everyone. So, he did what normal people do and hired a string orchestra to ring in the holiday morning. Can you imagine waking up to this racket? Breakfast in bed seems much more calming, but Kim didn’t mind the spectacle. Before clowning West with an embarrassing video, she quickly Snapchatted this musical evidence.

After all that coordinated effort, West passed out on the couch. Kim couldn’t resist posting a video of her “sexy husband” as he snoozed.

Beyond the lavish displays and silly sleeping video, West also took time to tweet a Happy Mother’s day to his late mom, Donda, who passed away in 2007.