Kanye West Moves Past Michael Jackson By Scoring His 40th Top 40 Hit

08.08.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Chalk up another “W” in the win column for Kanye West, which is great because I’m starting to worry that West might be lacking some self-confidence. I mean, if anyone needs a win these days, something to brighten his day, it’s got to be West.

Thanks to his inclusion of ScHoolboy Q’s “That Part,” off the rapper’s new album, Blank Face, West now has his 40th Top 40 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. The move bumps West up the list and positions him ahead of Michael Jackson and Frankie Valli, both of whom had 39 Top 40 hits. It has to be a move that resonates with West as he has frequently compared himself to the King of Pop. In 2013, in his song “I Am A God” off Yeezus, he went so far as to claim that he’s the the only rapper out there who could be compared to Jackson.

1. Elvis Presley (80)
2. Lil’ Wayne (69)
3. Elton John (57)
4. Drake (53)
5. Stevie Wonder (46)
6. Jay Z (45)
7. James Brown (44)
8. Chris Brown (42)
9. Marvin Gaye (41)
10. Kanye West (40)

West still has a ways to go in terms of topping the list, though. He is currently sitting at No. 10, looking way, way, way up at Elvis Presley, who sits at the top of the list with 80 Top 40 hits. But the King shouldn’t feel so safe, Lil Wayne is right on his heels at 69.

(Via XXL Mag)

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