Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour Insurance Lawsuit Has Been Amicably Resolved

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The end of one thing is the beginning of another. Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, Kanye West returned to social media. Posting a series of photos of celebrity couples, Ye proved to have a strange idea of what romance is, and was as captivating on Instagram as he was when his Twitter could stop the music world in its tracks. But today, we’re getting a bigger picture of what was going on with Yeezy of late.

It turns out that his lengthy lawsuit with Saint Pablo tour insurers Lloyd’s Of London has been amicably resolved, according to a statement from Kanye’s attorney Howard King to Rolling Stone. You might remember that right in the middle of his groundbreaking tour in support of The Life Of Pablo, things came off the rails when the rap star became increasingly volatile, leaving the stage early at multiple shows and going on tirades that hinted at something serious going on in his life. The tour was eventually scrapped after doctors provided by the insurer determined him unable to perform. But those same insurers, the ones Kanye paid for just this kind of a situation, stalled at paying out his claim, resulting in the $10 million lawsuit from West and a countersuit from Lloyd’s.

The lawsuits from both sides made some disconcerting allegations, with Kanye’s side suggesting that Lloyd’s purposefully leaked information about his medical issues to the media, while Lloyd’s offered that Kanye broke insurance policy exclusions because of possible preexisting conditions and drug and alcohol use. Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, but this opens the door for Yeezy to move on with his life, and hopefully return to the stage.

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