Steve Harvey: Kanye West Was The Happiest His Team Had Ever Seen Him While Taping ‘Family Feud’

Kanye West tried his best to keep a straight face, as he always does in public, when he and Kim Kardashian announced their Family Feud episode in February. But apparently, he couldn’t keep his cool during the actual filming, according to host Steve Harvey on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (above).

“Can I tell you something? Kanye was the best Family Feud celebrity panelist we’ve ever had on the show,” Steve says. “His people said, ‘Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled since we’ve been working for him.’ Kanye smiled! When I introduced him, he smiled. Just tune in and you’ll see Kanye smiling.”

(The reason why Kanye doesn’t smile in public is simple, really. As he gleamed from reading a 19th-century book, “When you see paintings in an old castle, people are not smiling ’cause it just wouldn’t look as cool.”)

During this episode scheduled for May, Kanye ended up on same team as Kim, after Paris Hilton’s family was booked to play against the Kardashians but ultimately canceled. “Kanye, big fan, says, ‘I want to play, I’ve always wanted to play,’” Steve says. “So he brought his family — some people you don’t know, these cousins. And they were the best because they were just hood. It was such a good thing.”

Kim insisted during their announcement that they are both the biggest Family Feud fans. But Steve implies that Kim still wasn’t prepared to play. “Kim didn’t know nothing,” he says.