Dayton, Ohio Hosted Kanye West’s Sunday Service And Dave Chappelle’s Block Party This Weekend

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The city of Dayton, Ohio has received a ton of support following the tragic mass shooting earlier this month. This past weekend saw an influx of high-profile performers head to the city to show love the community and its people, including Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and others.

On Sunday morning, Kanye West decided to bring his weekly Sunday Service performance to Dayton, as Kim Kardashian put it, “in support of the victims and survivors of the Dayton mass shooting.” During the performance, Dave Chappelle took the stage for a moment to thank the audience for attending the event. Chappelle was in town because later in the day, he was hosting an event of his own, the “Gem City Shine” block party benefit concert. The list of performers wasn’t announced in advance, but surprised attendees were in for a tremendous day of music. Highlights included performance from Chance The Rapper, Stevie Wonder, Teyana Taylor, Thundercat, and others.

Chappelle had some motivational words for the audience, saying, “The best way we can honor our fallen is by getting up better than we were before. We won’t let those people die in vain. […] We’re not just doing this for our city, we’re doing this for every victim of every mass shooting in our country.”

Watch clips from Kanye’s performance and the block party below.