Kanye West Is Still Trying To Achieve Peace With Taylor Swift

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08.29.16 3 Comments

In spite of their constantly bubbling semi-beef, in spite of the fact that he’s known that Taylor Swift might be a snake emoji in the grass for longer than anyone, in spite of the subliminals she threw his way at the Grammys, it looks like Kanye West is still trying to make peace with Taylor Swift. The Life of Pablo rapper tweeted out an image of a fan wearing a t-shirt that combined the artwork of Swift’s 1989 and West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as a seeming olive branch to the his highest-profile frenemy.

The tweet came just a day after Kanye threw an obvious jab at the singer during his “Here’s a few minutes, please create #shareable #content” segment of the VMAs.

“You know like, people come to me like, ‘Man, that’s right! Tell Taylor to…’, he said in the speech where he also touched on Chicago’s murder rate, big-upped his wife and made jokes about slavery. “Bro, like I love all y’all! That’s why I called her!”

The shirt/peace offering combines Taylor Swift’s biggest appeal to the masses yet with the album that Kanye made while deep in his pariah period (after famously storming the stage to shout down Taylor Swift’s VMA win). Kanye West does a lot of crazy things, but he always does them with intent, so we have to believe that’s on purpose.

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