Kanye West Gives A Bizarre Speech To The Paparazzi About His Alleged Pirate Bay Use

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Kanye West has been pretty quiet on Twitter for a few days, so there’s a disturbance in the force. If he’s upset about being called out for using Pirate Bay, he’s not mad enough to delete a rather suspicious tweet, which shows a browser tab open to a Pirate Bay page. All of this looked super sketchy after Kanye made noises about suing the torrent site when The Life of Pablo was downloaded en masse, which presumably cost Tidal (and by extension, Kanye) millions of dollars. Yeezus habitually deletes tweets, so why would he leave this one intact?

Kanye spoke to the paparazzi on the Pirate Bay browser scandal. Perhaps he’s truly decided to break from tweet storms because they never work in his favor. Most artists would release a publicist statement on the matter, but not Yeezus. He went straight to the hydra’s head(s) and spilled his thoughts to a friendly paparazzo. Here’s just a sample of Kanye’s thoughts on browser gate, which isn’t his fault (or something):

“It’s funny because, you know, it’s obviously not my computer. I took a picture of it in the studio, and then everybody was like, ‘Don’t put that up.’ I was like, ‘Let it go up.’ You know, the irony that that was the site that downloaded a million of my albums…”

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