Kanye West Mercilessly Clowns Deadmau5’s ‘Minnie Mouse’ Mask In His Latest Twitter Spree

Kanye West Deadmau5 lead
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Usually when someone screenshots their computer, the embarrassment comes from some random tab of porn they have waiting in their browser. As we all know, nothing involving Kanye West can be classified as “usual,” so his unintentional tab reveal on Tuesday night was a bit on the odd side. Kanye, the man who may or may not have called the world a “theef” on the bootleg of his album, drew some ire for having torrent site The Pirate Bay open on his browser as he seemingly pirated some music and production software.

Kanye’s Tidal partner Deadmau5 took offense (as he has a stake in the software), taking to Twitter to basically call him a cheap pirate.

Maybe Deadmau5 missed all the $53 million debt stuff. I don’t know, but naturally Yeezy got wind of the comments and went full on Kanye.

Admittedly, “dead-mow-five” is pretty funny, so as annoying as Kanye’s online persona has become, he was off to a great start. Then things went left immediately.

Also, users chimed in to remind “dead-mow-five” that he was once an e-pirate, too.

At the end of the day, the rant basically amounts to Kanye saying “LOL, you wear a mask, dork” like he wasn’t wearing this gaudy thing for like a year-straight.

My favorite part of this all is that Kanye is basically defending his right to pirate various properties through torrents. It’s like Kanye is one of us, stealing stuff online and appalled at the idea that artists and companies would dare complain. The Tidal wrinkle is just added hilarity, and we have yet another day of Kanye Kanyeing for all of our amusement.