Here’s What Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Would Look Like In Vinyl Form

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Years ago we were asked to look into a vinyl spec for Yeezus

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Kanye West made a huge impact on the music world with his Yeezus album. That much isn’t up for debate here. While Kanye might still be trying to tinker with the album even though it was released back in 2013, that’s just how musicians and artists are; nothing is ever done, even if people love something there will still be those little, nagging imperfections that exist. West hasn’t stopped making headlines yet and it looks like there is no end in sight for the public’s fascination with his brand of genius.

This all being said, Yeezus is still probably his one, huge, defining album. The art style for the album was bare bones, but still artistic and memorable and it looks like he was flirting with the idea of releasing it via vinyl as well. Pitchfork reports on what the minimalist artwork would look like for a vinyl version of Yeezus. LuckyMe posted via their Instagram a mock-up for the album and really, it’s just driving his fans even crazier. The album has even been released on cassette, but never on vinyl.

It’s the same, basic style as the CD that was released, with the red tape on the side and the clear jacket, just, you know, bigger. How it would sound, though? Probably pretty great. Maybe someday he’ll decide to release this to the world, but until then you’ll just have to listen to it via Tidal’s high-quality subscription.

(Via Pitchfork)

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