Kanye West Responds To Critics Of His ‘Messy’ Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show

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Putting on a chaotic and ambitious fashion show like this week’s Yeezy Season 4 and making sure everything runs smoothly is an enormously difficult and stressful job. More difficult when you’re an adventurous creative like Kanye West who envisions a world of high-end Spanx and oversized sweaters.

Last week, the self-proclaimed “post-internet Disney” suffered a heavy backlash for his chaotic, messy Yeezy Season 4 fashion show. The outdoor star-studded event held at an abandoned hospital on New York’s Roosevelt Island was nearly two hours late, causing some of the “multiracial” models to collapse from heat exhaustion. Also collapsing were Kanye’s shoes. The designer’s stilettos appeared poorly manufactured as models stumbled along the concrete runway. One model, Amina Blue, even took her shoes off mid-walking to save herself from any potential injuries. Well, Kanye has heard the jeers and criticism.

“It’s our life’s mission to create the most transformative experiences,” the Pablo hitmaker said on Twitter following his disastrous show. “Each and every one’s time, insight and feelings are invaluable to us. We want to make people feel great. Thank you for embarking on this creative journey.”

Not on the journey is Adidas, somewhat. The athletic brand, who partnered with Kanye for his latest Yeezy collection. is distancing itself from Kanye’s faulty shoes. In a statement to WWD, Adidas said the faulty shoes are not made by their company.

“These particular boots are actually not a part of the Adidas collaboration,” an Adidas spokesperson said, just three months after the German firm made a splash by announcing it had linked with West to create a special entity for the production of footwear, apparel, and accessories, called Adidas + Kanye West. West’s spokesperson clarified that Adidas has never produced Yeezy heeled shoe designs.

Kanye West’s reps say the quality of the shoes will be “heavily addressed in the pre-production process” and that shoes seen on the runway were in the “sample, prototype stage.”

(via WWD)