Watch The Uncensored Version Of Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ Music Video, Now With More Topless Kim Kardashian

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11.19.13 34 Comments

kimye bound 2

“Bound 2” deserves better than this. It’s one of the best songs on an album full of them, but its visual documentation, which debuted on Ellen, begins with a bunch of wild horses running in the desert and later on, a topless Kim Kardashian hugs her literally glowing husband Kanye West on a motorcycle while he does his best Jesus pose. All the “I Am God” stuff Kanye throws out there has never bothered me, because there’s at least some semblance of a winking joke in there. Here, though, either he’s telling the greatest setup of all-time, or he’s gone insane.

UPDATE: here’s the uncensored version. There is also a Seth Rogen and James Franco version.

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