And Kanye West's Favorite Kanye West Song Is…

Kanye West loves nothing more than talking about Kanye West, which is why Kanye West went on Los Angeles radio station Power 106 for nearly two hours this morning to talk about Kanye West. And what did Kanye West have to say about Kanye West? Kanye West said there are five leftover songs from Yeezus that Kanye West might put out later this year; that Kanye West wrote “Lost in the World” about Kanye West’s fiancée, Kim Kardashian; and Kanye West thinks Kanye West is “SO GOOD” while listening to Jay Z and Kanye West’s “Otis.”

As for Kanye West’s favorite Kanye West song: that honor would go to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” The only person who can tell Kanye West something: Kanye West. Watch the full interview/freestyle session below.

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