Kanye Wrote A Song For Kim Kardashian Called ‘Perfect Bitch’

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Here are but a few of the things UPROXX has called Kim Kardashian in recent months: “attention-[whore],” “vacuous,” “shedding, wig-wearing famous person,” and of course, “I don’t give a f*ck about you or your weak crew, [Kim].” Not once did we call her a “perfect bitch,” but then again we’re not Kanye West, who’s not only sleeping with the “f*cking idiot,” but also wrote a song dedicated to her that likely be on Cruel Summer.

And, yes, it’s called “Perfect Bitch.”

According to the New York Daily News:

A source at PH-D Rooftop Lounge early Saturday morning says [Kanye] shared unreleased tracks from his highly anticipated album “Cruel Summer” that’s due out Sept. 4, including one indirectly referencing girlfriend Kim Kardashian and ex Amber Rose.

Our source says the 35-year-old rapper played a number of new tracks that sampled other music and included “a similar production style (to the one) he used on his wildly successful album with Jay-Z last summer, “Watch the Throne.”

But the standout track of the night, according to our insider at the club and a source close to the mercurial rapper, was a song that included the chorus “My perfect bitch.” Our second source says the song is about his current and former girlfriend. “(He raps) verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the “perfect bitch,’ ” says the insider, adding that there are a number of descriptions in the song that reflect the looks of the curvalicious Kardashian and Rose. “The crowd was on their feet,” says the first source.

Our second source says the song, which West has tentatively titled “My Perfect Bitch” due to the repetitive chorus, uses the same melody from the 1937 composition “Carmina Burana,” a cantata by German composer Carl Orff. (Via)

And a few hours ago, Kanye tweeted:

To paraphrase the man himself, “That sh*t is f*cking ridiculous.”

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