Karaoke Gods Bev And Bob Are Back With Brand New Versions Of Today's Top Hits

You might remember budding YouTube celebrities Bev and Bob from their amazing karaoke cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” last year, but there’s also a chance that you’re still in the dark on this impressively ambitious Indiana couple. Long story short, Bev and Bob like to take today’s top hits and popular songs from yesteryear and slap their own trademark brand of karaoke fun on them. And it’s important to note that these two are all about fun, because they just can’t remind us enough.

Our music is our own style so please keep that in mind while you watch us & we are drug & alcohol free, & we don’t want any drama, so we hope you enjoy & have fun watching us in our videos & if you watch close you will see some really funny stuff,,we laugh at ourselves all the time & thats what its all about,,fun fun fun.We only do this for fun & we don’t make any profits from our music videos, we have been on youtube for 3 years & love what we are doing so enjoy & be safe..

Be safe rocking out to their incredible songs, I believe is what they mean, because with the high octane hits that these two are pumping out, you better be wearing a helmet. How much they’re laughing at themselves is up to them, but if it’s as much as I’ve been laughing at the “Blurred Lines” video that they posted today, then they might possibly be the happiest people in the world.

Okay, maybe Bev and Bob are a few months behind on “today’s top hits,” but at least they’re breathing new life into the songs that have been played into the ground. Not convinced? Then you need to check out their rendition of “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers.

In possibly my favorite of their most recent videos, Bev takes on Lorde’s massive hit single “Royals,” and you’re just never going to listen to this song the same again.

Whether a teenager from New Zealand or a middle-aged woman from the Midwest, this pop music game is changing every damn day. Mad respect for Bev and Bob.