Karen Elson Filed A Restraining Order Against Jack White

If “eccentric” is a nicer way of saying “crazy,” then Jack White is as eccentric as a motherf*cker.

“Wife fears for her and the children’s safety as a result of this harassment,” the order read, describing how White contacted [ex-wife Karen Elson]’s paralegal “in an inappropriate and aggressive manner.”

Elson, who cares for the pair’s two children, has been tussling for months with White over parenting rights. White wants to help raise the children, although Elson maintains that White is not fit to be a parent.

White, according to the restraining order affidavit, has a violent temper and a tendency of sending harassing emails and text messages. (Via)

And here’s where the real nuttiness kicks in.

Recently, according to the filing, White wanted Elson to contact their kids’ private school in an effort to get their kids out of a class in which another entertainer’s child was present. White said that he feels that entertainer “ripped off” his music, the order said.

In another incident, White berated Elson when she attended the wedding of a rival musician. Again, he was upset because this entertainer also “ripped off” his music, according to the order. The musician was unnamed in the court filing. (Via)

Huh. So I guess that pasty guy who distrusts technology might be kind of unstable. Who’d a-thunk?

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