Kash Doll’s ‘Here I Go’ Makes A Memorable Entrance

Kash Doll has been having a massive summer. The Detroit rapper has collaborated with everyone from Iggy Azalea to Lil Wayne, and each one of her new tracks has been better than the last.

Kash Doll’s latest, “Here I Go,” is a confident statement. In the song, she’s not shy about confrontation — if you’re ready to come after her, she’ll drop the pin. Over a bouncy, bass-heavy beat, Kash delivers some incredibly tight bars, daring people who bite her style to face up.

It seems like every other female rapper these days has “Doll” in her name, but Kash Doll has some words for anyone who tries to compare her to her peers. “It’s only room for one doll inside the dollhouse,” she raps, poking fun at the dozen other Dolls blowing up hip-hop right now. To me, it seems like more of a comment on the tendency to compare female rappers to one another than a dig at any specific rapper. If Kash Doll is teasing the competition, she’s having fun while she’s doing it.

“Here I Go” follows “Hustla,” “Kitten,” and “Ready Set” as new tracks released in 2019. Her most recent EP, The Vault, was released last year. Listen to “Here I Go” above.