Kash Doll Wreaks Havoc With Her Homegirls In The Video For Her New Song ‘Mobb’n’

In anticipation of her debut album Stacked dropping two Fridays from today, Kash Doll rolls out her new track (with an accompanying video) “Mobb’n”. Kash dropped the link to the video on her Twitter account: “Watch my new video here,” Kash says.

Directed by Nimi Hendrix, the video starts with an establishing shot of a timestamp of 1:32 AM. Seconds later, Kash pulls up to a liquor store in a Mercedes Benz truck as she raps. Kash and her friends enter the store, where they rip open packages of chips and ice cream and guzzle beer for fun. The setting jumps back and forth between the store and Kash and friends in a mysterious “basement,” where everyone is brandishing a weapon of some kind; a baseball bat, a metal linked chain, or electric saw. Eventually, Kash’s crew leaves the store claiming how much “fun” they had until they’re beeped at from behind in traffic. The video ends with Kash’s crew sporting white masks, as they beat down the car of the honking driver, who is MIA, leaving the car graffitied with “HOO.”

In the last three months, Kash released the loosie “Here I Go,” the video to “Ready Set” with Big Sean, and guest-featured on Pusha T’s song “Sociopath“. Kash announced that Stacked now has a release date of October 18 on Instagram.