Kate Nash Is Taking A Stand Against Sexism In The Music Industry

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05.02.17 7 Comments

Kate Nash has been in the game for a decade — not too shabby for a woman who hasn’t even hit 30 yet. Following the British pop star’s rise via electrifying, intimate confessionals like “Merry Happy” and “Foundations” off her 2007 debut album Made Of Bricks, Nash built up a cult following of loyal fans who feel like she speaks their language. Sadly, however, that wasn’t necessarily the reception that Nash and her music had throughout other levels of the music industry.

As we know, the majority of executives at the top of the game are still often opposed to the expressive and intimate young women who want to do things their own way. If there’s anything Kate Nash is, it’s that — so she’s opted to maneuver around the industry machinery for her fourth full-length album, and kickstart it herself. To help spread the word about the project, Nash stopped by Uproxx Music studios to talk about how some of these experiences prompted her to strike off on her own.

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