Kathy Griffin: Josh Groban Is A ‘Man Whore’ And ‘The John Mayer Of Opera’

Kathy Griffin is one of the most well-known and successful comedians in the world. Along the way, she’s picked up quite a few fellow celebrity friends, and one of them is operatic powerhouse hunk Josh Groban. Now, given his old school, romantic voice — and his lengthy relationship with actress Kat Dennings — you may be convinced that Groban is a class act, devoted to a traditional, heartfelt love life. Nope.

According to Griffin, Groban deserves to be recognized as “The John Mayer of Opera” for his ability to get beautiful young women onboard with hooking up with him very quickly. You may recall, Mayer was, uh, known for this at the height of his popularity.

On an episode of Conan, Griffith let Groban’s freak flag fly, confiding that he’s a bona fide man whore, and that he’s been pulling the hottest women in Hollywood (well, she doesn’t say “women” — which Conan calls her on — but hey, it’s Kathy Griffin!) since she’s known him. According to Griffin, his primary move is pulling women up onstage with him on tour to duet on “The Prayer.” What follows that initial duet, you can pretty easily determine. The kicker is, Griffin said when she confronted Groban about it one night he responded with: “Look honey, this d*ck isn’t going to suck itself.”

This d*ck isn’t going to suck itself. There’s music for that, right Josh?

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Groban has faced accusations of this nature. Famous men gonna famous men eh?