Katie Nolan Had People Play ‘Derby Horse Or Hipster Band?’ And It’s Tougher Than You Think

You know how sometimes a word can sound like it means one thing, but in actuality it means something completely different? Apparently, Katie Nolan heard the names of the horses competing in the 141st Kentucky Derby and thought it sounded like the names of a bunch of hipster bands.

So in a moment of brilliance, Nolan decided to play a game with regular folks on the street called “Derby Horse or Hipster Band?” It sounds easy, until you remember that there is a band called “Delta Spirit” and a horse called “Danzig Moon,” and that both sound like they could go the other way. Seriously, “American Pharaoh” was the horse that won the Derby, but it definitely sounds like a band that could have played in one of the smaller tents at Coachella.

According to the video, nobody who played this game got one right until the very end, when someone guessed that “Atlas Genius” is the name of a band. Whether he guessed or knew that they were a band who had a song in FIFA 13 remains to be seen. Still, getting one right in this game is quite an accomplishment.