Katy Perry Is Reportedly Set To Open This Year’s MTV VMAs And A New Album Will Follow

Katy Perry Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj Feud
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Fresh off the release of her first new music in three years with the Olympic anthem “Rise,” and serving as commentator in the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift feud, comes news that Katy Perry is primed to take the stage again. According to reports coming out of the UK, the woman who gifted the world Left Shark is set to open the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, a move that is being seen as a catalyst to Perry releasing her long-awaited and eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Prism.

From The Sun:

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Katy’s been gearing up for her musical comeback for months and this would be the perfect way to launch herself back on the big stage. The talks are in early stages but both parties are keen for it to happen.”

Though still in the rumor stage, this is wonderful news. The world needs some Katy Perry-style positivity now more than ever, what with all the negativity and hate that seems to be around.

Of course, it might not all be sunshine and rainbows from Perry. There’s plenty of speculation out there that Perry’s feud with Swift could serve as inspiration for her, and that the upcoming album may include a track or two responding to Swift’s Perry diss track, “Bad Blood.”

“Her record label Capitol have backed her by coughing up millions to ensure her new album is her best yet,” the source also told The Sun. “Given the amount of material she has at her disposal, especially her reaction to Taylor’s diss track ‘Bad Blood’, you can see why it’s so highly anticipated.”

Oooooohhh snap. A diss track rebuttal from Perry? At this point, we can only hope it features a verse from Kanye, some production by Harris, and maybe a guitar solo from neo-Deadhead John Mayer? Team Anti-Taylor assemble!

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see. This year’s VMAs are on Aug. 28, so we have to assume any news about this will be coming very soon.

Standing by, Katy Perry.

(Via Yahoo News UK)