Katy Perry And The Rest Of Twitter Joined Calvin Harris In A Hilarious Taylor Swift Roast Session

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Earlier today, Calvin Harris turned a compliment of Taylor Swift into a major rant about his ex. It seemed like the brief Twitter spleen-venting might pass like all other quick-hit celeb beefs, but then something amazing happened. Long time Swift-hater Katy Perry joined the fray.

In response to Harris’ confirmation that the two superstars really don’t like each other all that much, Perry sent out the perfect Hillary Clinton gif.

Which lead to KatyCats tweeting out appropriate reactions:

A-listers taking shots at Swift isn’t all that novel. Kanye West has turned it into a bit of a cottage industry, but Twitter smelled blood in the water. The rant from Calvin coupled with a reaction from Katy gave the anti-Swift camp the all-clear to drag Taylor under the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty. Ten years of frustration came out via one joyous trending topic.

All of her exes were invited:

Of course, Katy was there…

…as was Nicki Minaj…

…and Rihanna…

…and more than a few pop stars were eager to bury Swift:

It wouldn’t be a Swift-bashing party without the king and queen, Mr. and Mrs. Yeezy:

And it wouldn’t be a party of any sort if that one aunt didn’t show up to steal a plate:

Mostly though, the party was stocked with regular Joes who were glad to finally speak freely about Swift: