You’ll Root For Katy Perry After Watching This Crazy ‘Satanic’ Attack On Her Father

A notorious Christian protestor has picked an odd new target: Keith Hudson, Katy Perry’s father and an evangelical minister, who was confronted by Christine Weick in the lobby of a radio station he and his wife had been interviewed on minutes earlier. Weick, who recorded the incident and posted it to Facebook, was waiting for Hudson and launched into a tirade about Hudson not being deserving of his minister status because he raised the pop star.

“You’re the daughter of Katy Perry. Do you know that she is one of the most wicked people? She is a satanic woman who has led millions to hell,” Weick says, meaning “father” when describing Hudson. She goes on to accuse him of being an accomplice in the “damnation” of millions of Katy Perry fans, and says Katy is responsible for the damnation of her own son because he watches the pop star’s music videos. Weick references Perry’s 2011 video for “E.T.”

Hudson appears to be surprised by the protest, explaining that his daughter is an adult and he can’t be blamed for what she does. Hudson also asks Weick if she’s “acting like a Christian” with her actions and Weick replies confidently, “yes I am.”

From this encounter, as well as several other of her controversial protests in the last few years (including the protest of the legalization of gay marriage), it seems this will not be the last time Weick uses Christianity to denounce all the things in life she thinks are bad. Next time, she should pick something more controversial than a former backup singer for a prominent Christian rock band to protest.

(Via Daily Mail)