Katy Perry Sidesteps A Question About Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ While Still Saying Plenty

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05.08.17 7 Comments

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The long-standing cold war feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has had fans on both sides of the spectrum speculating since Taylor launched her infamous shots about it in a 2014 Rolling Stone cover story preceding her excellent album 1989. For her part, Perry has needled Swift with a few subtweets but mostly remained quiet on the subject — classy.

However, obviously interviewers are going to ply Perry with questions about it non-stop, and she has to say something. So in the lead up to her new album, she was doing a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly and did have quite a few things to say in response to a question about “Bad Blood.” She clarifies several times — this answer is NOT about one person. Uh huh. Read the exchange below via Entertainment Weekly:

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