Katy Perry Filmed Herself Enjoying A Choice ‘Famous’ Lyric At Kanye’s Show Last Night

10.26.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

Sometimes the best presents are the ones you give yourself. Katy Perry understands this and treated herself to a lovely birthday night out at Kanye West’s Los Angeles concert. If said present includes a poison-tipped dart in the direction of her rival/heavily suggested enemy, who are we to judge?

The latest small and not-so-subliminal chapter in the alleged Katy/Taylor beef manifested in a sly bit of recording during Kanye’s controversy beckoning cut “Famous.” Video bubbled up of Katy savoring the Taylor Swift mention on the track in a live setting. Katy doesn’t just silently stare into the camera, she mugs like she popped out of an editorial cartoon and lets that look in her eyes tell the story.

Depending on your approach, this clip is either a fun WWE-esque bit of goofy showbiz feuding or it might bum you out because their alleged hate for one another doesn’t do anyone any favors. Of course, Katy and Lady Gaga going out of their way to squash any talk of beef with each other in 2013 shows that the “This Is How Do” singer speaks up if she thinks it’s a raw media deal. (Even with the occasional subtweet in the mix.) Ideally, we can get a Katy + Taylor + Kanye combo track in the future using a combination of magic and conflict mediation. That’s our Katy Perry birthday wish.

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