Katy Perry Is The Female Answer To Nick Cannon In This Trailer For Her Upcoming Music Video

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04.22.14 9 Comments


Katy Perry has a trailer out for her upcoming music video “Birthday,” because trailers for music videos are apparently a thing we’re doing now — taking a page out of Nick’s Cannon’s horrifically ill-advised guide to self-promotion with a bunch of borderline offensive, horrifically unfunny stereotypes.

The clip, in which she plays the “world’s worst birthday party entertainers,” features her heavily made up as “Goldie,” an aging, droopy-chested Las Vegas lounge singer, “Yosef Shulem,” a Jewish bar mitzvah emcee, “Kriss,” a crude, alcoholic Craiglist clown, “Ace,” a redneck animal trainer and “Princess Mandee,” a b*tchy birthday princess.

On one hand, it makes me wonder why there’s not anyone in her life that would step in and say, “hey, maybe this isn’t such a hot idea” — but then again I would be flat out astounded if there isn’t footage of Katy Perry in blackface with a grill lying on a cutting room floor somewhere out there as “Byooticious,” a ratchet hip hop DJ.

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