Katy Perry’s Dismembered Head Is Already Turning Her New Single Into A Meme

04.26.17 12 months ago

Getty Image

Remember earlier this week when Katy Perry had us all baking pies and scouring her recipe for sexual lyrics? It turns out, we don’t need those cherry pies. We’ve got Perry’s head to feast on!

Perry unveiled her new single, “Bon Appétit,” featuring Migos (idk), on Wednesday, and while the team-up is slightly odd, it’s not the collaboration that people are talking about. It’s the single’s cover art.

The art for “Bon Appétit” has the three guys of Migos serving Katy’s head on a platter, with a bed of juicy fruit salad underneath. And whether or not you have an opinion on a pop star’s cut-and-pasted topper prepared and ready for consumption, the internet sure does:

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