Katy Perry Teased Her Next Single ‘Witness’ And Celebrated Mother’s Day On Instagram

Katy Perry’s focus has been on her career lately, as she’s gearing up for the release of her next album, but today she took a break from her brand new “Bon Appétit” video and “Chained To The Rhythm” to focus on her family.

On Mother’s Day, she shared a sweet post thanking her mother for all she’s done, and calling herself the “black sheep” of the family. In some ways this is true, Perry was raised in a very Christian home — even pursuing Christian music at first — and a quick glance at something like her “Bon Appétit” video reveals she’s strayed far off that path.

“Happy momma’s day to the strongest woman I know,” she wrote. “Now, as I observe my sister raising two beautiful girls I don’t know how you did it but I am so grateful you never quit! Thank you for all of your steadfast prayers for over 32 years, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your intelligence, thank you for wit, thank you for your undeniable positivity and keen intuition. Thank you for raising 3 fantastic children that really love you (tbh I’m the black sheep and most annoying one) I know I can always call on you and you will be right there even if I just need a pet and a spoon. I am so blessed. Love, your feather/turtle/bird.”

Well, maybe it wasn’t all family — right before honoring her mom, she also teased her next single, “Witness,” which she alluded to back at the Met Gala via her outfit. The song drops tomorrow, but you can hear a snippet of it below.