The Weeknd’s Producer Brought Back Up The Time Katy Perry Allegedly Called Him A ‘N***a’

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Whatever Katy Perry is paying her publicist she may want to double that this week because she’s about to be in some hot water. After her comment about Barack Obama was blown up this weekend, she has a new disparaging story to worry about. That’s because when an old tweet was brought back to the attention of Mano, a producer famed for producing The Weeknd’s mega-hit “The Hills,” he recalled the time Katy allegedly called him a “N***a” repeatedly while — ironically enough — in Paris a few years ago.

The initial tweet was from 2013.

Mano brought the incident up again later in 2015 to little fanfare.

But when it was brought to his attention again late Sunday night he divulged a few more details of the incident. First with a picture to confirm that he has indeed met and been around Katy.

Then some more details.

Apparently Mano and his friends had to explain to Katy that the word was indeed offensive, no matter how she meant it.

Katy will probably have to respond to reports of this incident at some point, and either deny the story or own up to the mistake if true. Either way, the damage is probably done and if video of this or another similar incident ever surfaces it would be especially damaging to Katy. Only time will tell.