Katy Perry Will Do Anything To Get You To Vote, Even Show Up At The Polls Naked

It may not be as sexy as National Feral Cat Day (Oct. 16) or Read Across America Day (Mar. 2), but National Voter Registration Day is still pretty important. And look at that, it’s today! To celebrate, all you have to do is register to vote, which Uproxx can help you with at the bottom of this post, and if you’re already registered, I dunno, celebrate with a margarita?

Voting is your right and responsibility, but that’s a pretty dry way of thinking about it. Maybe this works better? If you show up at the polls on Nov. 8, you might see Katy Perry naked. (Katy Perry naked? Katy Perry naked. It’s a common known fact that the more times you write “Katy Perry naked,” the more traffic you get… Katy Perry naked.) In a sketch for Funny or Die, the “Rise” singer, who’s involved in an Election Year battle of her own, implores every American to get out there and vote, no matter how they look that morning or what they’re wearing. You can be a woman in a child’s onesie, or a hunk in kids’ briefs, as long as you don’t show up nude, you’ll be fine.

Katy Perry (and Joel McHale!) naked. Register to vote now!

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