Katy Perry Drops The Official Music Video For Her Olympics Anthem ‘Rise’

Everything might be going terribly wrong in Rio leading up to the 2016 Olympics (always remember your keys when you lock up the stadium, folks!) but Katy Perry’s rollout of her latest inspirational feminist anthem “Rise” has been going exactly according to plan. She first premiered the song in the lead up the the Democratic National Convention, where it fit in perfectly with all the aspirational imagery and the idea that Hillary Clinton is well on her way to the Presidency despite Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party’s attempts to stop her.

Now, Perry is dropping the official music video for the track just a day before the Rio Olympics opening ceremonies are set to begin. The song is set to be NBC’s soundtrack to the games this year, so the music video smartly keeps thing simple with Katy struggling to successfully operate her parachute in a warehouse and then Outback-like setting before finally overcoming her obstacles and “rising” on the wind. NBC already cut together an inspirational set of moments with a bit of Rio’s color and traditions, so anything too over the top on Katy’s part would take away from the glory and the accomplishments that the competing athletes so rightly deserve. Simply, sweet, and straightforwardly motivational. What Katy does best, year after year.