Katy Perry Said She’d Still Collaborate With Taylor Swift On One Condition

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite celebrity social media game: Hacked or Not Giving A F*ck? Well, it’s not a publicist’s favorite social media game, but it certainly makes for some interesting theater. On Saturday, a tweet from Katy Perry‘s Twitter account suggested she might collaborate with rumored nemesis Taylor Swift if an apology was provided.

As you can see from the tweet above (unless it gets yanked), Perry was asked if she’d ever collaborate with Swift. The response? “If she says she’s sorry, sure!” The comment could be genuine. It could be an expertly placed sliver meant to go under Swift’s skin. It might just be something blasted out during a Saturday alcopop sessions. Or it could be an imposter. Outlets that have tried to get confirmation on the authenticity of the tweet haven’t heard anything back either way. But Perry has also been tweeting extensively since, including:

The alleged Perry/Swift rift has been kicking around for a while now and featured a healthy amount of speculation about who Perry and Swift have been referring to when issuing semi-cryptic tweets (like “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”) and tales of sabotage in interviews. If this Perry’s tweet is legit, it ranks as probably the most overt discussion of the rivalry so far. If it’s not? Well, everyone will keep on dissecting every possible interaction between Swift vs. Perry for weeks anyway.