Katy Perry Is Taking Sides In The Nicki Minaj Vs. Taylor Swift Tweet Battle

Global productivity plummeted and popcorn consumption skyrocketed as the Internet watched in awe and, of course, had its say about the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj feud that stemmed from Minaj’s reaction to the VMA Awards. Now Katy Perry is getting into the fray, seemingly backing Minaj in this tussle with T-Swift.

You’ll remember, of course, that Perry and Swift have had their own “bad blood” over the years, so this isn’t really a surprise. The real question is: will Perry’s remarks spark a return volley from Minaj or Swift and will the world be able to get sh*t done tomorrow? Only time will tell, but right now I think the only person who hasn’t weighed in on this is President Obama, so expect a broadcast break-in presser tonight ’round 9, maybe 9:30.

Source: Twitter

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