Katy Perry Is Channeling David Bowie In The Artwork For Her New Album ‘Witness’

05.15.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

Katy Perry was in a giving mood Monday morning when she revealed the David Bowie-channeling album artwork for her latest project. She also unveiled the title of the album, Witness, along with its release date: June 9. On top of that, she threw out the news that she’ll be going on tour starting in September.

And if all that album news isn’t enough to get any Katy fan in a tizzy, remember that we’re also getting her new song, “Witness” (which we now know to be the title track), later today.

Perry unleashed the news this morning in an Instagram video filled with footage from her Prismatic World Tour, funnily enough. Although her recent “Chained To The Rhythm” makes an appearance later in the clip, it’s mostly filled with KP greatest hits, ensuring that even if you’re not a fan of her latest tracks (“Bon Appétit” elicited quite the reaction), there will be plenty of Katy classics played at the upcoming shows.

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