Katy Perry And Zedd Have A Whirlwind AI-Human Romance In The Video For Their Collab ‘365’

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, pop legend Katy Perry and super-producer Zedd have teamed up for a romantic new single, “365.”

Perry, whose last album, Witness, was released in 2017, makes a poppy return to form on “365.” Zedd is always adept at producing huge pop anthems (Ariana Grande‘s “Break Free,” Hailee Steinfeld‘s “Starving”), but “365” is muted and vibey in comparison to some of his other songs. (I say “muted” and “vibey” with a grain of salt — “365” is still a banger.)

Don’t miss out on the video for this one, either. Directed by master of high concept videos Warren Fu, Perry plays a slightly off-kilter and obsessive AI, Zedd her unassuming human subject. The two get along just fine, until Perry’s AI catches too many feelings and starts to get a little creepy. She crushes Zedd in a too-forceful hug, and lab workers have to intervene and get her under control. But is it creepy, or is she just in love?

Despite AI Katy’s overbearing obsessiveness in the video, the real Zedd and Perry get along great, and “365” is the culmination of years spent admiring each other’s work.

“I was really excited for Zedd to join my Witness: The Tour last year, and in our down time, we started vibing on music, which led to this special song,” Perry said of her collaborator in a press release. “Happy to collaborate with such a talented and down-to-earth human being.”

Zedd added, “I love how Katy sounds on this record. I’m so excited to finally share this with our fans.”

Watch the video for Katy Perry and Zedd’s new single, “365,” above.