Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Without The Music Is A Vast Improvement Over The Original

Entertainment Writer

Hey, remember when everyone thought Katy Perry was being racist with the video for “Dark Horse?” Yeah, those were some times. Now I think we’re past it, we can start to enjoy the video for what it is: a silly waste of money.

Take away the music and you realize that point quick. There’s a dog, cat people, and a lot of weird Egyptian hijinks with guys turning to dust. Was there a vat of drugs by the door? Probably.

It reminds me of those shreds videos from a while back. I found this one of Yanni to help prove my point. This is now my favorite Katy Perry video and below is now my favorite Yanni video. Don’t everyone click play at once!

(Via Tastefully Offensive / House Of Halo / EightFootManChild)

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