Kaytranada Throws One Wild Slumber Party For His New Video For ‘You’re The One’

09.27.16 3 years ago

2016 has been something of a breakout year for Canadian/Haitian DJ Kaytranada. His most recent, 99.9% was released to positive reviews in May, and lately, it’s been clear that big names want to work with him, as he was recently seen in the studio with Andre 3000. Now, Kaytranada is out with a new video that he hopes will continue to introduce him to a larger audience.

The video for “You’re the One,” which features an excellent vocal from Syd Tha Kid, is pure joy. It centers on three young women having a slumber party. They have fun using hair-dryers as microphones, and generally living it up. Then, while the TV plays in the background, we see an ad for a wealthy African prince who is looking to meet his dream girl. In the ad, Kaytranada poses as his assistant, put of course, in the end, he winds up being the real prince. Is this video a tad cheesy? Of course, but that’s just part of the fun! It’s hard to really get on this video for being corny when it has so much fun with its corniness.

Those who are interested in taking a deeper dive into Kay’s work might want to check out 0.001, which he released on SoundCloud last week. It’s a companion piece to 99.9 that showcases some of the beats, loops, and remixes that were cooked up during the recording process.

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